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    About FPR

    Currently, the FPR is the largest and, practically, the only one organization in Russia that has managed to unite the educational community of the whole country into a single system, where dialogue is built on a daily basis through the Internet, and big off line conferences. Since 2018 as a result of its important systematic work, the projects, organized by FPRS have received the status of official events of the all-Russian pedagogical Assembly.

    • Since 2010, the FPR has annually held 20 off-site conferences and exhibitions in all major cities of Russia. In each region of the Russian Federation the forum is held at least once in 2 years. Each conference and exhibition gathers 2-3 thousand specialists in the field of education. On average, 40% of participants are heads of schools and kindergartens, including private ones, the rest are teachers and educators. The forum is always visited by the heads of Departments of education of the regions all over Russia.

      Each conference lasts for 2 days. During which the work is organized in four parallel sections, shifting every 40 minutes. More than 30 specialists (so-called carriers of educational technologies) conduct their workshops on the burning issues in educational sphere. The first day of the conference is usually devoted to issues dealing with the secondary school programs and the second one-to pre-school topics. More than 80 companies, manufacturers of high-tech equipment for schools and kindergartens, as well as teaching materials organize exhibition stands for presentation and demonstration of their products.

    • Since 2014, the FPR has launched the Federal social network "Teachers. Online.» By mid-2018, the network has already registered 200 thousand teachers from all over Russia. Thus in 2018, five thousand new participants joined the network every month. The number of unique articles on educational issues exceeded 100 000.

    • Since 2016, the FPR has launched a program of educational webinars for teachers, thanks to which tens of thousands of teachers from all over Russia are trained monthly via the Internet by the best Russian specialists. On average, FPR holds 3 webinars a week with a full virtual room.

    A friendly team of highly qualified specialists of the FPR intends to further expand the scope and depth of the educational community of the Russian Federation in order to fulfill the key state task in the field of education by 2024, namely: to enhance the technological compliance of the Russian school with the current world standard in the field of education for the information (post-industrial) society.
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